Prayer Request

I wanted to share with everyone that Katie Elliott’s husband, Tommy, is very ill. He has already been living in assisted living for some time due to a disease that has left him hardly able to speak or get around, but now he has a very high fever that medicine won’t break, and he has […]


Since we are not able to have our normal league in April with the church still closed and “social distancing” still in effect, we’re instead having a VIRTUAL LEAGUE – i.e., we’re taking the test and playing the rounds with our teams all online! Here’s what you need to know for now: Each player who […]

Practice Cancelled

Because church this weekend is cancelled, all small groups are cancelled as well, which includes Bible Bowl. So no practice on Monday. We will just follow the church’s guidelines on this as we go. In the meantime, keep in mind:– No practice doesn’t mean no studying! Getting behind won’t help anything. We live in an […]

Response Needed – Summer Tournaments

It’s that time again – for summer registrations! We are inviting all players to attend Milligan (May 31st-June 3rd) and Nationals (June 14th-18th). Teams 1-5 plus Dallas, Isaac, Chris, Mulu, and Abi Lusher are invited to attend KCU (June 4th-6th). Fees are as follows: Milligan – $75 per player, due March 23rd KCU – $75 […]

Schedule Reminders for March

Just wanted to remind everyone of our schedule for March. Because we shifted things a little bit in February for KCU and to give a little mid-season break, we are having the league on the 2nd Sunday – Sunday, March 8th. We also shifted the practice we take off in March to the end (the […]