Top 10 on Block 5 Test

Here are the top 10 on the test from Block 5! **EDITED SINCE EMAIL WENT OUT** 11th with a 95 from team 1 – Maggie Tied for 9th with a 96 from team 2 – Eli Tied for 9th with a 96 from team 4 – Abi Tied for 7th with a 97 from team […]

Bible Bowl Rewards – Block 6 Links

Here is the link for the survey to report your points each week for Bible Bowl Rewards for Block 6. Here is the link to view your point totals. In case you still have points to report for Block 5, here is the link to the survey for that. And if you need a reminder […]

Block 5 Test

Please have your student complete the block 5 test by midnight this Thursday, April 1st. Here’s the link. Reminders: You have one opportunity to take the test. It is a closed book test, please do not use your texts, concordances, or any other study materials when taking the test. You will have 20 minutes to take […]

League Sunday

Just a reminder that for League this Sunday the 28th, we will go straight to game rooms as usual (well, “usual” for this year!!). It starts at 1:15. The online test won’t be available until next week – I’ll send the link out when it’s available. Thanks!

Reminder and New Link

Just a reminder that our Bible Bowl Rewards incentive system has started, but you have to report your points yourself! Here are the hyperlinks: Details on the incentive system The survey to take any time you want to report more points The tracker to view your point standings (note: this is a new link from […]