Remember that per the parent info sheet we gave out at the beginning of the year, the first $150 installment of your child’s Nationals fee is due tonight at practice (refer back to this prior post if you’re not sure if your child is attending Nationals).  We will be buying airline tickets soon for our players and coaches that will be going, so unlike some years where your attendance is flexible up until the summer, we need to know your plans early.  We will be flying to California on Sunday, July 10th (Nationals will be Monday through Thursday and we’ll go to Disneyland on Friday) and flying home Saturday, July 16th .  We need to know the following from you:

  • if your student earned Nationals and yet is not attending
  • if you will be traveling/bringing your family to Nationals as well (we can extend to you the discounted group rate if we buy your tickets at the same time) and how many
  • if your player will not be traveling at the same times as we have planned (e.g., your family is going out a few days early or staying a few days later and needs tickets for different days)

Some parents have asked about going as chaperones if needed, but at this point it appears that with the coaches who are traveling, we have who we need.  Therefore, if you are not a regular coach who comes to practices, you will still need to pay your discounted airline ticket fee and potentially for your own hotel room (unless we can fit you in to our rooms, which we would try to do for you).  Again, just let us know if you’re a parent who plans on coming and/or bringing family and we’ll do the best we can for you.

You may text or email us to let us know your plans.  Thank you!