The following players are invited to attend both Milligan (June 5-8) and KCU (June 9-11):

Samuel Askew, Nicolas Askew, Geoffrey Barnes, Katie Barnes, Natalie Barnes, Isaac Carlsen, Shaylea Dabney, Colin Daugherty, Eli Daugherty, Maggie Daugherty, Christopher Dowdy, Reagan Haise, Jonathan Jackson, Lindsay Jones, Jake Kelley, Elijah Kelley, Corri Murray, Makenzie O’Donnell, Samuel Powell, Jackson Powell, Jacob Powell, Ella Powell, Chloe Powell, Emma Roberts, Rachel Schneider, Gabrielle Schneider, and Addy Wright

The fee for Milligan is $60 per player and is due on April 18th.  We’ve added KCU to the schedule since CCU did not host a tournament this year as we originally planned.  The fee for KCU is $100 per player and is also due on April 18th.  However, registration is already open so please let us know if you are attending by next Monday, March 21st.

Reminder: your second Nationals fee of $150 is due tomorrow.  Thanks!