Everyone has been doing great this year, so we’re inviting all players to attend Milligan, Summer KCU and Nationals with us in June!

Here are the dates/fees:

Parents if you’re interested in attending and willing to drive, we’d like to hear from you so we can make plans accordingly.  Please let us know if your player(s) cannot attend any of these events.

Southeast requires we collected a notarized form from all parents giving your player(s) permission to attend with the group.  We don’t yet have this form but will distribute it once we do.


If you’re interested in joining us at nationals, please let us know and go ahead and register yourself and any other spectators in your family at https://account.biblebowl.org/tournaments/2017-18-nationals.  Registration for teams, players and spectators closes on April 15th.  We will take care of registrations for all players, quizmasters and coaches.