Tournaments are right around the corner! This is a reminder that your travel details (how much money to bring, what to pack, dates and times, etc.) can be found on the events tab by clicking into the Milligan and KCU calendar events.

Let me highlight a few things: we’ll be meeting outside of the gym building at 11:30am on Sunday, June 3rd. Remember that we’re staying in dorms, so you need to bring bedding, bath towel, etc. Please note – we will not have air conditioning at Milligan, so if you have a small, portable fan and cool pajamas you may want to bring them.

Also note that we’re going somewhere different at KCU this year. On Friday night we usually hang out at Carter Caves, but this year they’ve scheduled us for Greenbo Lake State Park, and there is a pool, so please bring your modest swimsuits if you want to swim.

We still have 3 slots available for devos, so if you or your student would like to give one, let us know.