It’s that time again – for summer registrations! We are inviting all players to attend Milligan (May 31st-June 3rd) and Nationals (June 14th-18th). Teams 1-5 plus Dallas, Isaac, Chris, Mulu, and Abi Lusher are invited to attend KCU (June 4th-6th). Fees are as follows:

  • Milligan – $75 per player, due March 23rd
  • KCU – $75 per player, due March 23rd
  • Nationals – $100 per first player in a family, $75 each for all other players in the same family, due April 13th

Please respond to this email by Friday, March 20th to let me know your player’s status for each tournament (going or not going) or with any questions. Details about travel are found under each link above.