We are still planning our league for Sunday (Dec. 6th). We are not allowed more than 25 in a room, so we will not be having our meeting at the beginning of the day. Instead, I’ll distribute schedules later this week and your team will meet directly in the game rooms. Start time is still 1:15pm. The format for awards at the end is still TBD. We may have to email out the winners later or come up with another work around for the day of. Masks required.

The League Test is online and must be completed by midnight on Thursday (Dec. 3rd). Here is the link and here are the instructions per the Nationals Bible Bowl email:

A slight difference you will see when inputting your information is that there is now a dropdown for you to select the league you participate with. If you are not a player, please select the adult/non-player choice from the dropdown.
You have one opportunity to take the test.
It is very important that you put in your name, your group, and your league if you want your information to be given to your league coordinator.
It is a closed book test, please do not use your texts, concordances, or any other study materials when taking the test.
You will have 20 minutes to take the test.
When you start the test, you must finish it then. You may not stop and come back later.
It is 100 questions.
All answers have at least one correct answer, but may have more than one correct answer.