Your student may have shared with you our new incentive system that was introduced on Monday – Bible Bowl Rewards! Students can earn a $5 gift card for every 250 points they earn (from now until the end of the season). The total points possible each month could earn each student $10 worth every month. This incentive program was made possible by a generous donor!

Reporting points earned and redeemed is your and/or your student’s responsibility, based on the honor system, and tracked via a google survey I will send you each block.

  • Here is the survey for block 5 (1 Timothy). Click into this same survey and take it each time you want to report points for Block 5. (If you forget to include something, just take the survey again – discrepancies will be taken care of!)
  • Here is the results sheet where you can view your running total for Block 5. There are 3 tabs, each progressively more detailed depending on what you are wanting to see. (If you just want your total, look at the first tab – “Point Totals List”).

I went over these details with each team on Monday, but feel free to reach out to me or coaches with additional questions.