Round robin is just over a week away. We’ll have our practice test on Monday night followed up with some practice games, probably 3 rounds. Southeast wasn’t able to secure us a van this month so we’re going to need some help driving to competition. Even if you drove last month, if you’re able to drive this month please send me an email with how many seats you’ll have available (including the driver) so I know we can rely on you. We’ve got about 27-30 players and sponsors. This count doesn’t include any additional parents.

Only approved drivers may drive other people’s children, if you’re interested in becoming an approved driver please give me a call (502) 494-6690. If you’ve already been approved with Scouts or any other program then we’re good to go. If you’re not an approved driver but have a van, we might still be able to use you by putting sponsors in your vehicle.

Thanks for your willingness to help!

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