With the snow on the ground it was a little rough getting started.  The interstates were fine in the Louisvile area except for a few spots and back roads were bad (as always).  Once we got into Indiana everything was fine and the roads were clear.  Today’s competition had the quoting bee, unfortunately none of our players made it past the first round (only 5 of 26 players who participated did – it’s VERY hard), but they all put in a great effort and showed bravery getting up on stage for the event.  Team 1 brought home the 4th place trophy in division 1!

Top 5 test scores

All top 20 test scores were within 6 points of each other

  • Patrick – 4th place- 149
  • Zach – tied for 12th place – 146
  • Danielle – tied for 12th place – 146
  • Scottie – 15th place – 145
  • Noah – 17th place – 144

We also want to recognize Rachel, Geoffrey and Samuel for scores above 100 for the first time!!

Monday we’re meeting directly in the main room for team changes, don’t forget!!

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