We got home Sunday safe and sound from a very successful KCU tournament!  The players all did great and enjoyed the time together.

There were 19 games in the round robin.  Team 1 went 14-5 and got 6th place, which earned each of them a $300 scholarship to KCU!  Team 2 did great as well and went 11-8, ranking 1th place.

Patrick got 12th place on the test with a 205/250.  Danielle got 4th place with a 221/250, earning a $250 scholarship!

Sunday was a double elimination shotgun tournament.  For those who haven’t been to winter KCU before, the shotgun tournament is where they mix up all the players from all the churches and assign them to teams (based mainly on test scores so that there is a top-scoring player to lead every team) as a way for the players to meet new people.  It is so much fun!  The games consist of 15 toss-ups for 1 point each…no bonuses.  Needless to say, the games go quickly.  Maddie was on the team that got 1st place, Danielle led her team to 3rd place, and Cody was on the team that got 4th place!

Congratulations to all the players on a job well done, and praise be to God for his continued blessings!

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