We’ve come to decisions and registered the following players for KCU in June and Johnson.  For details on Nationals and Milligan check here: http://www.seccbiblebowl.org/2011/02/summer-tournament-details/.  All of the fee due dates are May 9th.  If this won’t work for you please email me and let me know.
Sorry for the delay with these details!
Study Camp
We’re working out details with the sponsors about study camp and will make the dates/times available as soon as we have them.  Study camps will serve as an excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge of the text in preparation for college tournaments and nationals.  We forgot to tell the players last night, but we plan to have a longer practice on Monday nights, possibly a second practice during the week (Thursday night) and for Teams 1, 2, and any other players who wish to join, study camps a few Saturdays from about 9am – 4:30pm.
June KCU

Fee: $50
Fee Due: May 9th
Dates: June 9-11
Team 1

  • Danielle
  • Maddie
  • Michaella
  • Cody
  • Zach

Team 2

  • Patrick
  • Scottie
  • Noah S.
  • Daniel

Fee: $50
Fee Due: May 9th
Dates: June 20-23
Team 1 (same as above)
Team 2 (same as above)

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