On April 15th we’re going to be meeting in Tom Sawyer state park for some food and games.  Bring a football, frisbee, soccer ball and whatever else you’d like to play.  We’re going to ask going by last names, that A-C bring side dish or chips, D-M bring dessert, P-W bring drinks.  We’ll take care of everything else.  Once again I’ll get there at roughly 5 and will fire up the grill around 5:30 with some burgers and hot dogs.  If you would do us a favor and email us a headcount of how many people in your family are coming and if you’re planning on bringing any friends.  We don’t want to get too much food but don’t want to run out either.

Around 8:30-9 the girls will head to the Rolstons and the guys to the Kuhls.  Be sure to bring everything you need to spend the night, don’t forget a pillow and sleeping bag or sheets.  You’re welcome to bring snacks as well.  The guys are making the girls breakfast and will be ready to be picked up around 11AM on Saturday from our house at 11025 Eagles Cove Dr 40241.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email us!

Please check the web site for updates in the event of bad weather.

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