Pizza & Devos
The first practice after every round robin we start practice with devotions (“devos”) and pizza.  Each player should bring $3 for pizza and an extra $.50 for a drink (water also available).  We would love for parents to consider signing up for devos on the volunteer form.  It doesn’t need to be anything long, 5-10 minutes would be great.

For pizza we get Little Caesars from their Shelbyville Rd near Moser Rd location.  If you would be willing to pick this pizza up on your way to practice please email me at

Standing Sponsor Meeting
Every practice we have devos and pizza we will have a brief sponsor’s meeting after practice in the main room (WC 470) to discuss the effectiveness of practices.  Parents are invited.

This Saturday is our kick off party and families are invited!  Don’t forget to RSVP with a total number of family members you’re bringing.  All details on time, location, and what you should bring are on the invitation you received in your email.

It’s not too late to order some flash cards from the resource catalog to help your players study.  If enough parents are interested in ordering resources we will place a group order to save on shipping.  So before you order, email with what you plan to order.

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