If you were having issues viewing the point chart, we’ve added a link directly to the points spreadsheet.  Points have not yet been updated to reflect this past Monday’s earnings.

Winter KCU

We’ve added KCU to the calendar with some additional travel details and times.  The fee for each player will be $60 due Jan 27th.  If this fee will be a reason your player will not be able to attend, please contact us.

Due to the registration for KCU being earlier this year, we’ve moved the points deadline to November 4th and we’ve reduced the number of points required accordingly.  Players have less than 2 weeks to reach 120 points!

Upcoming Practice

Our next practices will be in an open format similar to last year’s practices where teams will work directly with their coach.  All station binders and materials will be available for coaches to use.  If you’re a parent interested in helping there will still be opportunities to listen to players quote.

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