We thought a fun activity to do again this year would be to stuff and wrap shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child which sends these shoeboxes to needy children at Christmas around the world and includes the gospel in a colorful pamphlet for the kids – plus the gospel is preached to them by church leaders as the boxes are distributed.  We will be doing this at practice on November 2nd.  We would like each team to pick the shoebox they’d like to fill – either for a girl or a boy, ages 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14.  Maybe you could even pick multiple depending on how many supplies we end up with.  If you are able, here are items needed that you can start bringing into practice to donate:

  • shoeboxes
  • nice toys as the “main item” in the shoebox (stuffed animal, soccer ball and pump, doll, etc.)
  • other miscellaneous small toys
  • hygiene items
  • school supplies
  • wrapping paper
  • tape
  • $7 (amount that must be included with each box to cover shipping)

We will pile everything that is collected together in the main room on November 2nd and let the kids stuff their shoebox(es) until we run out of items.

Note: if you are unable to donate, no worries!  Everything will be combined so no one will know who brought what and we’ll stuff as many boxes as we can with whatever is donated.