#1: Round Robin Sunday

Remember that we meet at 1:15 (eat lunch before you come!) in room ATCR207 next to the chapel and conclude at 5:00 in the SixPlex on the 2nd floor.  Remember to bring a couple dozen cookies if your last name starts with L-Z.

#2: Shoeboxes Monday

We will be packing shoeboxes at the beginning of practice Monday.  Please reference my prior post for what you can bring.  In addition, we’re encouraging your player to bring a picture or family picture and a note to include in the shoebox because now, instead of going through Samaritan’s Purse, we’ll be going through Recyclocraftz, Mrs. Murray’s organization in Zambia.  Their missionary who lives in Zambia will be able to give us pictures of the children actually receiving our gifts – how cool!  So we thought the addition of a personal picture and note would make it that much sweeter and perhaps start a relationship between us and them, more than an anonymous shoebox.

Thanks everyone!