The following players are invited to attend Nationals with us: Chloe P., Christopher D., Colin D., Corri M., Eli D., Elijah K., Ella P., Emma R., Gabrielle S., Geoffrey B., Isaac C., Jackson P., Jacob P., Jake K., Jonathan J., Katie B., Lindsay J., Maggie D., Makenzie O., Natalie B., Nicolas A., Rachel S., Reagan H., Samuel A., Samuel P., Shaylea D.

Congratulations!  Your first $150 installment is due January 18th (second installment is March 14th).

If you didn’t earn Nationals, don’t despair!  You can still work harder and earn Milligan by March 10th!

If you did earn Nationals, remember that we still reserve the right to disqualify you, so keep at those memory verses and text knowledge for good test scores, and you’ll be good to go!  We are so proud of everyone!