We’ve been working on a preliminary draft of our itinerary for Nationals.  We are staying at the Hyatt Place Convention Center for $180/night plus taxes/fees in rooms that hold 6 people (2 queen beds and a queen foldout sofa).  For families attending but not staying in our rooms (Haises, Dowdys, possibly Kelleys), we have not reserved your rooms, so you’ll want to do so and request staying near the “Ben and Megan Kuhl” reservations.  They may not honor that, but it’s worth a try.  Feel free to stay at whatever hotel you wish if this is too expensive/unnecessary space for your family.

Our hotel has a complimentary hot breakfast each day, and as years past, we will have sandwich options at the hotel for lunches Monday-Thursday.  Each person will probably need between $120-$175 for food for the week (two airport meals, dinner Saturday, food all day Sunday, dinners only Mon-Thurs, two meals Disneyland Friday) depending upon how much you’ll eat.  There are many fast food/cheaper places within walking distance (Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, Subway, Sbarro, Denny’s, IHOP…) and also many sit down restaurants (Cheesecake Factory, a couple mexican restaurants, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Red Robin, Outback…).  All of these places are within a 5-15 minute walk.   

We need information from any family members attending Nationals that are not players or coaches.  A parent from those families should fill out this form (note: if you are a coach and have other non-player or non-coach family members attending, you will also fill out the form).  This form may not apply to you at all, and if so, do not fill it out.  For everyone else, please fill this form out by February 29th.  If the form applies to you and you do not complete it, we will assume you are not participating in the group outings.

Thank you for helping with our planning efforts in this way!  We will include an itinerary later once more details are filled in.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions.