Helpers needed!  The following opportunities to serve or work are detailed below:

  • Eric and Rachel are moving this weekend and could use a hand!  Due to potential rain, a better day/time estimate will be given in a few days, but it will likely be Saturday or Sunday.  Stay tuned and be ready to lend a helping hand if you’re able!
  • At the coaches meeting yesterday, we discussed that fees for KCU will be higher than originally anticipated (more details to follow), which brought up the question of more fundraising opportunities.  Given the spring season on our doorsteps, it would be a great time for the players to do yard work, cleaning, dog walking, etc. for money to help with their fees and food money this summer.  Suellen Barnes will be coordinating this effort and will post advertise for us in her neighborhood email loop.  If you have a neighborhood email loop or some other network where you could advertise for us, or if your child would be able to help to earn some money, please let Suellen (502-645-9748) know your interest so she can plan accordingly and alert you when opportunities arise.
  • We need adult volunteers for devotions at practice April 4th and May 2nd, and for study camps throughout June (dates TBD).  It can be anywhere from 5-15 minutes.  If you would like to give one, please let us know.

Reminder: your second $150 installment for Nationals is due this Monday, March 14th at practice.