Nationals is almost upon us!  We discussed all-things-Nationals at practice tonight, but as a reminder and for those who missed it, here are some details.  Click here for the itinerary which includes food cost estimates ($150 at a minimum) and the day-to-day agenda.  If your player is doing devos, check the itinerary for their name and let them know which day is theirs.  Breakfast is included at the hotel, and we will be providing lunch in the rooms Monday through Thursday.  All other meals will be eaten out.

After talking with Southwest, we have adjusted our meeting to to 7:30AM at the Southwest check-in area on Saturday, July 9th.  If you are 18 or older, photo ID is required.  You are allowed to check 2 bags up to 50 pounds each for free, and allowed to carry on a bag that would fit in the overhead compartment.  Here are some tips for the carry-on luggage:

  • If you carry on any liquids, they must be in bottles marked 3.4 ounces or less and must all fit inside a ziplock bag (so make it easy and just include all liquids in your checked luggage!).
  • Check out TSA guidelines online if you’re unsure what is allowed to be in your carry on.
  • If you don’t want to purchase water after we pass security, bring an empty water bottle and refill it once we’re through.  You will get free drinks on the plane though.
  • Between the two flights out there, we’ll have about 5 hours of airplane time – so bring study materials, cards, a book, an ipad – whatever you want to pass the time!

At the airports, players must be with adults at all times – i.e., they may not go alone to purchase lunch or dinner, but must have an adult to supervise their group.

We will be going to the beach on Sunday, so bring a swimsuit (girls – modest and no stomach showing – tankinis OK as long as they cover the stomach) and sunscreen (this is a liquid, so check it or carry it on in a small contained in your ziplock bag).  Someone has generously donated to cover the cost of rentals at the beach – chairs, umbrellas, etc.  How awesome!!

We’ll be going to Disneyland on Friday for the whole day – we have your tickets.  They do not allow you to bring food or drinks into the park, so bring plenty of money to cover expensive lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks (it’ll likely be hot!) while there.  And wear comfortable shoes – we will do a ton of walking!  Here are the rules:

  • High school students can go without a chaperone – at least 2 per group, or 3 if it’s otherwise only a male and female
  • Middle school students must have a chaperone in their group
  • Middle school students who want to stay with a high school group that does not have a chaperone must have their parent contact Ben or Megan with permission
  • No one is to leave the park without a chaperone and without first contacting Ben so he knows which groups have left

We will arrive home Saturday, July 16th around 9:35pm with parent pickup at baggage claim.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan –  Also, be sure you and your players have our numbers in your phones.  Ben: (502) 494-6690 and Megan (502) 262-6736