Remember that for all your tournament details on what to pack and when and where to be, check out the “events” tab calendar and click on the event!  The highlight: be in front of the gym building at Southeast at 11:30am tomorrow (Sunday) – we meet there because church will be in service and that’s the least crowded spot with the gym closed on Sundays.  We will be stopping for lunch on the way.  We covered dress code and behavioral rules at practice on Thursday.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me (Megan – 502-262-6736).

I’ve posted about the Milligan intramural teams on our SECC Bible Bowl Facebook group to see who might want to form teams, so check that out to get on a team or call one of your friends who is on Facebook and ask them to sign you up.

Looking forward to our first summer tournaments!  Let the games begin!!