We’ve invited teams 1-4 (Reagan, Katie, Emma, Colin, Jonathan, Isaac, Chris, Elijah, Lindsay, Shaylea, Maggie, Corri, Sam, Eli) to attend Winter KCU with us, Feb. 10th-12th.  The fee is $70 and is due Monday, Feb. 6th. which covers meals (all on campus) and hotel stay (school is in session so we stay at a hotel across the street).  Full details on what to bring are found on the Winter KCU event on our calendar.

Meet at the YAC/gym building on the side closest to the Block at 12:50PM Friday the 10th.  We expect to arrive home around 4:45PM Sunday the 12th.  We won’t be stopping for food on the way up or the way back, but will run to Dairy Queen for treats in the evenings, so bring money accordingly.

Coaches and/or attending parents who are willing to attend and drive, please sign up here – it would be great not to use rental vans!  Your gas will be covered.

Click here for our schedule while at KCU.