Hi parents!  Believe it or not, it’s time to register for summer tournaments and Nationals!  Below are the details of who is invited to each tournament.  Please let us know by Wednesday, March 15th, your player’s status on attending or not.

College tournaments (invitation only based on consistent effort, test scores, and behavior)

Milligan – June 4-7: All teams and players are invited to attend!  Fee is $70 and is due by May 1st.

KCU – June 8-10: Teams 1-4 plus Gabi Schneider invited to attend.  Fee is $70 and is due by May 1st.

Nationals (based on quoting all memory verses each month, good test scores, and behavior)

June 25-30: Teams 1-4 plus Gabi Schneider, Addy Wright, Christian Graham, Rhiannon Zweydoff, and Nick Askew.  Fee is $100 for the first player and $75 each additional player in the same family and is due by May 1st.