All parents and coaches – please carefully read and respond to this survey on our Nationals plans so we can register as soon as registration becomes available mid-January: Bible Bowl Nationals Plans

Please note the following changes in our schedule this month:

  • December 10th – no practice at church because of Christmas together – coaches may choose another location and/or date for practice with their team
  • December 17th – practice as usual
  • December 24th and 31st – no practice
  • December 27th and January 3rd (both Thursdays) – Winter Camps:

    Winter Study Camp – Covers material from Fall 1,2,3

    We will have dinner during both study camp (Bring $3)

    Thursday, December 27 – 6:00 – 9:00

    Amazing Race for Mega BB Rewards (Bring your running shoes)

    Thursday, January 3 – 6:00 – 9:00

    Next Level Stair Challenge

    Memory Verses/Rapid Fire

    You can earn up to 2500 BB Rewards during Winter Study Camp.

    This will be a crazy fun time filled with lots of activity, some pain and suffering and great joy as we get ready for Winter Indy on Saturday, January 5th.