We’re excited for everyone to experience our first League of the season!  It’s tomorrow, Sunday, October 6th, at 1:15PM.  We meet at Southeast in room ACTR207 (go up the stairs by the main entrance to the 2nd floor and turn right, next to the Chapel) where we begin with announcements and a written test, followed by 6 rounds of games in 2 divisions, a Quote Bee (recalling of Memory Verses in a spelling bee format), and awards.  Games are held in rooms ED230-ED238 from 2:00-4:30PM, and the Quote Bee and awards will be 4:30-5:00 in ACTR206. 

If you’re new or returning to Bible Bowl, we would love it if you could stay and watch your student(s) play some games!  This is where all their work for the month pays off – where their knowledge is tested.  It’s exciting to see how they’re progressing and to encourage them as they experience teamwork, victory, defeat, humility, disappointment, respect, sportsmanship – so many great life skills that we try to mold as they become more Christ-like in their behaviors.

Note:  No food is served for lunch (i.e., eat lunch before you come).  Pencils for test are provided.  Dress code is casual.  There is nothing necessary to bring (unless otherwise stated by your student’s coach) – just come and play! 

See you there!