First League is Sunday!

We’re excited for everyone to experience our first League of the season!  It’s tomorrow, Sunday, October 6th, at 1:15PM.  We meet at Southeast in room ACTR207 (go up the stairs by the main entrance to the 2nd floor and turn right, next to the Chapel) where we begin with announcements and a written test, followed […]

Bake Sale and Round Robin Reminders

Last month, National Bible Bowl issued a “December Dollar Drive” challenge to help raise money for National Bible Bowl.  We added an additional challenge to our Round Robin that the team who raises the most money will get a free pizza lunch at Round Robin.  To aid in this challenge among our Southeast teams, we […]

Reminder: First practice is Monday, September 10

Just a reminder to everyone that our first practice is Monday, September 10 from 5:45PM-7:45PM in room WC473.  Parents of new players are encouraged to come so we can meet you and answer any questions.  If you are a new player and haven’t ordered a text, you can purchase it at practice for $10.  All […]