Since we are not able to have our normal league in April with the church still closed and “social distancing” still in effect, we’re instead having a VIRTUAL LEAGUE – i.e., we’re taking the test and playing the rounds with our teams all online! Here’s what you need to know for now:

  • Each player who wants to participate will need a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a microphone.
  • Each player and quizmaster/coach/adult who wants to participate online will need to create a account in advance (this is an online audible group chat platform). Note that coaches who are not quizzing and would prefer to just watch over their player’s shoulder may do that, they do not need to create an account. But if they’d like to be watching from their own screen, please do create one. Please make your username your name or something we can easily identify as you.
  • We will have a test run on on Monday, March 30th from 6PM-8PM of some practice games so we can show everyone how it will work.
  • We will have the virtual league on Sunday, April 5th, from 1PM-4:30PM.

RESPONSE NEEDED: click here to take the questionaire which gives us the details we need!

I know for some families, needing a device for each player might not be possible. If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to be addressed before deciding on participation, please reach out.

We’re very excited to still be able to have an outlet for players to compete this block! There will be a learning curve for all of us on this online platform, but let’s be flexible and have fun with it! We’ll be using the honor system (no cheating or texts open!!) but parents, the more you can monitor and help on this front, the better. A special thanks to April Daugherty for the idea to do a virtual league and to our league coordinators, Colin and Ben, for making it happen!