I wanted to share with everyone that Katie Elliott’s husband, Tommy, is very ill. He has already been living in assisted living for some time due to a disease that has left him hardly able to speak or get around, but now he has a very high fever that medicine won’t break, and he has become unresponsive. He has been tested for corona virus, but no results yet. Due to the quarantine rules, Mrs. Elliott hasn’t been able to visit him at all the last couple weeks and they still aren’t letting her even now. He will likely be transferred to the hospital today. She is asking for prayer! Pray that she will be able to visit him once he’s in the hospital, that they are able to keep him comfortable, and that they would both have a peace that passes understanding. It is so hard for her not to be allowed to be with him. I will let you know more if I get any more information. I’m not sure yet the expectation of whether or not he can recover once he’s in the hospital – I think that remains to be seen. Our God is in control! Let’s cover them with prayer!