National Bible Bowl announced today a new Nationals location and date – Monday, July 6th through Thursday, July 9th at Milligan College!

  • This is a day shorter than Nationals usually is and they have not yet released the schedule, so we’ll post that whenever we have it.
  • I would assume we’d be leaving early that Monday morning for an early afternoon check-in, and arriving back home late Thursday evening.

Obviously things have looked different for us all lately, so I am going into registration for this with a clean slate and not assuming anyone is in or out. All are invited to attend. Bible Bowl will be following all state, local, federal, and institutional guidelines in place at that time. Please respond to this email by Friday, May 22nd and let me know:

  • if your child and/or you (coach or parent) are attending;
  • if you will be able to drive and how many seats you have.

As a reminder, it is $100 per student ($75 for the second and each additional student in a family). We waive the coach fee. It is $225 for additional adult registrations (any non-coaching parent and wanting to stay on campus and eat meals with us).

  • We will register all players and coaches attending – you just let me know of your participation and we take care of that.
  • Please mail me (address below) a check made out to Southeast for your registration fees by May 31st.
    • Megan Kuhl, 7614 Cambridge Dr., Crestwood, KY 40014
  • If you are unable to pay the fees, please let me know as we have generous donators who can cover the cost.
  • Non-coaching parents or family attending need to register themselves through your Bible Bowl account. (
  • Parents may choose to make their own reservations and meal plans off campus if they prefer (perhaps if you’re only coming for one day, e.g.) – in that case, don’t register.

We plan to host some additional competition opportunities on Discord (where we’ve been having our virtual round robins) against other churches in the coming weeks and our students will be leading the way for the other groups on how everything works. So stay tuned for details!