Congratulations to our teams for a very successful Nationals! We took 8 teams and there were 48 teams total. We thank the Lord for all the safe travels we had and for allowing us much success. May His Word stay in these students’ hearts forever! ❤️

Save the date! We’ll have an end-of-season celebration/pool party on Monday, July 18th, starting at 6PM at the Merrill household. Evite to follow!


➡️Double Elimination

🏆Championship Bracket (top 16):

Team 1 – 3rd place

Team 7 – 4th place

Team 2 – 7th place

Team 6 – 10th place

Team 4 – 11th place

Team 5 – 16th place

🏆Challenger 1 Bracket (top 24):

Team 3 – 2nd place

➡️Individual Tournament

Chris – 1st place

Dallas – 3rd place

Sarah – top 8

Henry – top 8

➡️ Gold Level on Written Test (at least 180 out of 200, listed lowest to highest):

Dallas, Nathan, Layla, Roman, Henry, Chris, Kolby, Abi, Bailee, Ryle, Jude, Tyler, Sarah, John, Ivan, Josiah, Kali, Ruby