It’s here!! We will meet Monday at noon at the gym building on the side closest to church (i.e., the side opposite the gym entrance). We will stop for dinner, not lunch. Please click here to see full details of what to bring.

Driving arrangements are as follows:

Jen Dupin – driving Wes, Nate, Megan (Megan TO Nationals only)

Kim Knight – driving Layla, Ema, Ruby, Abi

Rylan Allen – driving Ivan, Tyler, John

Buddy Dowdy – driving Maronda, Chris, Grace G, Dallas, Kali

Dustin Turner – driving Jessica, Josiah, Keegan, Caiden, Micah

Deanna Felts – driving Cristina, Felicia, Elisa, Lili

Steve Powell – driving Stephanie, Henry, Jude, Melissa

Lori Hertrick – driving Bailee, Kali, Megan (Kali, Megan FROM Nationals only)

Brian Clark (driving separately from group) – driving Jennifer, Kolby, Roman, Aidan

David Jackson (driving separately from group) – driving Sarah

Susan Merrill (driving separately from group) – driving Grace, Ryle

Rushings (driving separately)

Joneses (driving separetely)