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Johnson University Florida
1011 Bill Beck Blvd
FL 34744

Everyone will meet on Saturday, June 15th at 8:30am at Southeast in front of the gym building, on the side closest to church (opposite the gym entrance).  The group will carpool to the Holiday Inn Express in Perry, GA, which is a little over halfway of the trip.  On Sunday, the group will drive the remainder of the trip to Johnson University in Kissimmee.  Because there was limited campus housing available, our group will be staying off campus in 3 large houses in the same resort, less than 20 minutes away from campus.  All meals from check-in Sunday through Thursday will be on campus.

The Nationals schedule may be found here.   On Tuesday for the “team adventure”, our group will be traveling to a nearby beach (TBA) so be sure to bring your swimsuits!  (The houses we’re staying in all have pools also, so you will want to bring your swimsuits for that anyway!)  All Bible Bowl events end on Thursday.  On Friday, we will go to Universal Studios which will cost players $50 each (which can be earned through the reward system they’ve been participating in all year) plus money for food, snacks, souvenirs, etc. at the park.

The group will travel halfway home (staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Chattanooga, TN) on Saturday with an estimated return time of 3:30pm Sunday, June 23rd.

What to Pack:

  • Study materials
  • Casual clothes plus 2 days of dress clothes for the Double Elimination part of the tournament
  • Toiletries and washcloth
  • Comfortable shoes for a lot of walking at Universal
  • Modest swimsuit (girls – stomach must be covered), towel, and flip flops or shoes you’re comfortable getting sandy
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses/hat
  • Something fun and not too large that you might enjoy using in the pool or at the beach or in down times (beach ball, volleyball, football, frisbee, cards, etc. – coordinate with your friends so you don’t all bring multiples of the same thing)
  • Money – $160 based on the following estimates, please adjust accordingly based on your needs (I would err on the side of bringing extra):
    • Fast food lunch $7, fast food dinner $10, and gas station snacks $5 on Saturday on the way there
    • (Free breakfast at hotel) Fast food lunch $7 on Sunday on the rest of the way there
    • $25 for beach day for potential snacks or rentals (boxed dinners provided)
    • Fast food breakfast $5, lunch at Univeral $15 (theme park food is pricey), $25 additional snacks/souvenirs at Universal, $20 dinner at Universal
    • Fast food breakfast $5, fast food lunch $7, fast food dinner $10, and gas station snacks $5 on Saturday on the way home
    • Fast food breakfast $5 and fast food lunch $7 on Sunday on the rest of the way home