Milligan College
101 Neth Dr
Milligan College
TN 37682

TENTATIVE PLANS (until we receive a specific schedule from National Bible Bowl):

General Information

We are meeting on Monday, June 14th outside the gym building (the opposite side, the side closest to the Block) at Southeast at 8:00AM.  Please eat breakfast before you come.  We will be stopping for a fast food lunch.

We will return home on Thursday around 7PM but will have students call home that day once we’ve hit the road and have a better estimate. We will stop for dinner on the way home. All other meals will be on campus and the cost already covered with your registration.

What to Bring

$40 for 3 fast food meals (one of which will be during a team outing one evening and may be more expensive), study materials, snacks, dress clothes, swim suit (1 piece for girls or one that covers the stomach), bedding, towels, toiletries, cards or games you want to play during downtime. Note that dress clothes will only be worn while games are played on Wednesday and Thursday (and Thursday only for those who have not yet been eliminated from the Double Elimination), so bring non-dress clothes for the rest of the time on those days.