Nationals Fee Adjustment

We realized Monday night that the $150 per child fee was from last year’s Denver trip which involved airfare.  Since this realization we’re changing the nationals fee to $100 for the first child, $75 for each additional child.  This has been changed on the Milligan and Nationals details post as well.

Summer Tournament Fees & Deadlines

For all summer traveling except for the National tournament, all players/sponsors will stay on campus and in the dorms since school is out. Milligan College Tournament Teams: All Fee: $50 Fee Due: May 9th Dates: June 5-8 National Tournament Teams: All Fee: $150 $100 for first child, $75 for additional children Fee Due: May 9th […]

Player Registration for Nationals

Next week I’ll be submitting player registration for nationals.  In order to do this we will need a registration form from each player to be turned in no later than next week.  This form is what we’ll need.  Please print this form and send it filled out with your player to practice on Monday night. […]