Next Saturday is our last round robin and we’re planning on swinging by Cracker Barrel on the way back instead of heading straight to church.  I’m going to speak with the general manager there on Wed. to work out the details.  If it turns out they’re going to be too busy or something of that nature we’ll come up with a backup plan.  If we do go there, we’re estimating $8-11 for dinner per person.

Because this is our last round robin, if any parents or additional sponsors will be attending/driving please let me know so we can plan accordingly.

Study Camp

We have estimated study camp dates/times on the calendar, but we’re waiting to hear confirmation from Southeast that we have rooms to study in.  Once we’ve received this confirmation we’ll let everyone know.  The Saturday study camps are primarily for teams 1 and 2, but if players on teams 3 or 4 want to come study they’re welcome to join us!

Fees & Forms Reminder

All forms and fees are due May 9th at practice.  If you have any questions about these fees don’t hesitate to email us.

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