We’re just 2 days away from our last round robin, and the Kentucky Derby!  We will need to leave church at 6AM on Saturday.  We’re leaving earlier because the church that the round robin is at is on the north side of Indianapolis so it’s going to take just a little longer for us to get there.  There’s also a quote bee on Saturday and the tie breaker takes place at 8:45.

Pizza is an option for lunch again – $1.50 per slice.  Before we leave Saturday morning we’ll take a headcount of how many are eating at Ernesto’s and how many are eating pizza and which kind of pizza – Pepperoni, Sausage or Cheese.  On the way back, instead of stopping for fast food we thought we’d go to Ernesto’s on Shelbyville Rd right near church.  Bring about $8-12 depending on if you’d like a drink or not – $1 of that will go towards tip.  We’ll be swinging by the portico at church for anyone who’d like to be dropped off.  Players will be dropped back off at church once we finish eating.

All forms and fees are due Monday – don’t forget!!

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