We had a BLAST at Milligan!  This is one of everyone’s favorite college tournaments because of all of the fun events that are planned, and all of the players usually end up attending.  From Bible bowl, basketball, cards, swimming, the fun park (go carts, put put, pizza, arcade, batting cages, laser tag, etc.), staying in the dorms, etc. – everyone always has fun!

We’ve updated the history on http://www.seccbiblebowl.org/2010-2011/ to reflect the standings as of Milligan.

The Johnson City Press was at Milligan and published an article on it… http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Living/article.php?id=91264.  There’s a short video, and some extra pictures here: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODE/JohnsonCityPress/LandingPage/LandingPage.aspx?href=U0pDLzIwMTEvMDYvMDg.&pageno=MQ..&entity=QXIwMDEwMg..&view=ZW50aXR5

After hitting a lot of traffic, teams 3 & 4 finally made it home after midnight Wednesday.  Teams 1 & 2 went straight to KCU for another 3 days of competing.  Both teams did awesome (see standings here)!  The guys had fun in a dodgeball tournament the first evening, and Zach was the only brave soul from our group to do some karaoke Friday night!

We are so proud of the attitudes, behavior, and accomplishments of all the teams last week!  We pray for another strong few weeks as teams 1 & 2 prepare for Johnson and the whole group for Nationals!

We’re hoping to finalize some nationals over the next 2 days, and will provide more information once these details are finalized.

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