We’re coming up on our last practice before Round Robin!  Each month at Round Robin there’s a 150 point test that is given to the players.  This tests their knowledge of the text and can win them scholarship money if they perform well.  To prepare the players, we take a practice test each practice before the round robin.  After a short time with their teams, we’ll meet in our main Bible Bowl room (WC 470) for about 30 minutes.  After the test, we’ll play a few practice games.

Next Saturday we’ll meet at the YAC (the building with the gym, but on the opposite side as the gym) at 6:30 and will leave by 6:45.  We will be driving to Greenwood Christian Church and won’t be stopping for breakfast so be sure to eat before you come.  Everyone will also need to pack a lunch and bring ~$5 for a fast food dinner on the way back.  We’ll be back at church around 6-6:30 and will call home with a more accurate arrival time.

We are renting a 12 passenger van but also need some parents to drive.  All parents who have players ride in their car (other than their own) are required to be approved drivers through Southeast.  As a reminder, parents are not required to attend.  If you’re not an approved driver and would like to be, please email me at director@seccbiblebowl.org so we can get the process started.  If you are an approved driver and would be interested in driving next Saturday, please email me.  Right now I haven’t line up any drivers, so anyone who can would be greatly appreciated!

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