It’s a little late for these results… but better now than never, right?  Before I get into that, Megan and I will not be at the round robin again.  Please contact them them at or 472-0617 should you need anything.

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed BOGO (Buy one, get one) blizzards from Dairy Queen since it snowed each day.  Our teams did great and we’re so proud of the hard work they’ve put in.  They earned $1,600 in scholarships!  Please pray that the scripture they memorize will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Round Robin

  • Team 1 – 5th place – Patrick, Scottie, Jana, Noah G – $400 scholarship each
  • Team 2 – 10th place (tied for 8th) – Michaella, Zach, Izzy, Sam


  • Patrick – 6th with 185/200
  • Michaella – 12th with 179/200

Shotgun tournament

  • Scottie – 1st
  • Patrick & Zach – 4th
  • Michaella – 6th

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