Teams 1 and 2 had a great weekend at KCU.  We played 23 games in the round robin in addition to the shotgun tournament on Sunday.  Here are the results:


  • Zach – 11th place with a score of 190
  • Patrick – 12th place with a score of 189

Team 1 achieved 3rd place in the team test average with an average of 183.167.

Round Robin

  • Team 1 (Zach, Michaella, Patrick and Corri) 3rd place, each player earning a $750 scholarship with a record of 19 wins and 4 losses
  • Team 2 (Scottie, Sam, Caleb and Nathan) had a record of 12 wins 11 losses


  • Scottie’s team – 1st place
  • Michaella’s team – 3rd place
  • Patrick’s team – 6th place

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