Nationals will be here in 3 weeks!  We want to cover several VERY IMPORTANT issues with you all in advance, so please read this carefully.

Nationals Itinerary

We will be staying at the Galt House for Nationals.  Please drop your student off there at 2:00PM on Sunday, July 7th in the main lobby of the Galt House.  We will get checked into the hotel and ready for the test, which starts at 4:15.  We will be providing breakfast and lunch at the hotel.  The students will be accompanied by an adult to dinner in the surrounding area.  We estimate they will need about $35 for food for the week, but please make sure you review the Nationals Itinerary details to determine if you think your student might need more.  They may want a little more for snacks as well.

Nationals Participation by Parents

It is a rare opportunity that Nationals is in Louisville – so don’t miss it!  Come support your student and watch his or her team play!  Also, we are having a group dinner in a party room at Impellizzeri’s Pizza on Main Street downtown (2 blocks from Galt House) on Tuesday, July 9th at 5:15pm.  We have some extra room, so if you are interested in joining the group for dinner that night, please let us know.  Space is limited though, so it’s imperative you let us know so we can make sure there aren’t too many people.

Behavior of Students

We strive to make Bible Bowl a place where your student can be immersed in the truth of scripture.  It is a place surrounded by other kids who are going through the same struggles of youth that they are, and a place where we can encourage each other and hold each other accountable.  None of us are perfect, so we must all exercise grace and forgiveness with each other, especially as we all travel and spend a lot of time together.

That being said, we also expect that once a behavioral issue has been addressed and a rule or requirement has been put in place to correct it, it must be followed.  There have been a few behavioral issues that have come up recently.  We have made it clear to those involved and will make a group announcement at study camp on Thursday,  but please enforce this with your student as well: no inappropriate behavior or coarse joking will be tolerated.  If we hear of this or are told about this from other students, your student will not be permitted to join us at Nationals.  We feel we have made this rule clear and so no further slack will be given to those who disobey it.


Please pray for our group and for Nationals to go smoothly.  Pray that we all follow the example of Christ and honor Him with what we are doing in this program.  We are looking forward to an exciting Nationals – hope to see you there!

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