Don’t forget, Saturday we have Study camp from 9 – 4!  There are only 4 more before Nationals!  All players should bring a lunch.

If your player(s) cannot make it to a study camp, please notify your player(s) coach(es), not myself or Megan.

CheckOutBibleBowl Invitations

Tonight we sent home invitations with all of the players to our CheckOutBibleBowl event at Nationals.  This is a GREAT opportunity to share Bible Bowl with someone who you know.  This event will showcase a live game and plenty of information on how to get involved with Bible Bowl – not just at Southeast!Please commit to giving away all of your invitations that your player(s) brought home.

Behavior Issues

A few behavior  issues have come to our attention recently and we informed our players tonight that should their be any continued inappropriate language, sexual jokes or language those player(s) participating will not be attending nationals.

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