Tomorrow night we leave for the mega cavern at ~5:30 p.m. and are still in need of three or four seats in order to get our group there. If you can help please email text or call me (Ben).  We will also need the seats for our returning to the Galt House after the event. If you can only help one way, please let me know.

Tomorrow’s double elimination schedule including the room where the game is played is as follows:

Team 1 in Carollford @ 10:30
Team 2 in Brown @ 9:30 (single loss)
Team 3 in Stanley @ 10:00 (challenger bracket)
Team 4 in Taylor @ 11:00 (challenger bracket)
Team 5 in Jones @ 9:30 (single loss)
Team 6 in Laffoon @ 11:00 (challenger bracket)

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