Here is the schedule in the morning for the first round of Double Elimination games.  National Bible Bowl maintains online stats and brackets for your reference throughout the tournament.  This will help you determine how your players are doing and where they will be playing.

Team 1 – 10:30am – Room: Taylor (Galt House)
Team 2 – 9:30am – Room: Collins (Galt House)
Team 3 – 9:30am – Room: Wilson (Galt House)
Team 4 – 10:00am – Room: Beckham (Galt House)
Team 5 – 10:00am – Room: Samson (Galt House)
Team 6 – 10:00am – Room: Taylor (Galt House)

If you get here and aren’t sure where to go or are having trouble, visit the Bible Bowl registration desk or feel free to call myself (502-494-6690) or Megan (502-262-6736).

To determine your player’s team number, refer to our team roster.

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