Last month, National Bible Bowl issued a “December Dollar Drive” challenge to help raise money for National Bible Bowl.  We added an additional challenge to our Round Robin that the team who raises the most money will get a free pizza lunch at Round Robin.  To aid in this challenge among our Southeast teams, we asked the players last week to decide on at least one person per team to bring in a dessert for practice tomorrow. To try out that team’s dessert, a player will pay $1, therefore helping that team raise money.  So if your player agreed to make a dessert for his or her team, be sure to BRING IT TOMORROW.  We recommend everyone bring a FEW DOLLARS so they can try several desserts!

Round Robin is Saturday. Same details as before – starts promptly at 9:00am in the Sixplex at church, ends at 2:30, and bring a lunch. Also, if your player took home a trophy last month, BE SURE TO BRING IT BACK! They are traveling trophies.

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