Summer Tournaments & Nationals

Within the next 4-6 weeks our player’s points deadlines will hit and we’ll need to begin registering teams for summer tournaments (see summer tournament schedule).  We will definitely need some parents to be willing to quiz or coach a team.  Milligan will be the most challenging of the tournaments to get enough sponsors for.  Please review your schedule and consider how you might be able to help.  In a few weeks you’ll have the opportunity to sign up as a sponsor/quizmaster.  We would love to see all of our players attend the tournaments they’ve worked hard for all year and we can’t do it without you!


The girl’s sleepover and guy’s sleepover will take place on April 25th and will not be at the same location as in previous years.  The guys will be camping and the girls will be sleeping indoors.  We recognize for those that have both boys and girls such as the Barnes, Powells, Gaskins, etc. having the players at 2 locations may be a pain.  We suggest coordinating with other parents and one of you pick up from one location and the other from the other location, then meeting to exchange children.

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