Form overload!  We understand.  But they’re required and they’re for the safety of your students while they are away from home.  Please print and sign all of these forms by May 25th.  There are forms specifically for sponsors as well for KCU.  While we gave the deadline originally as June 1, some of these forms are due to the colleges a couple days sooner – so fees are OK for June 1, but all the below forms need to be turned in by May 25th study camp.  THANK YOU!

For those going to Milligan:

  • Milligan – Authorization To Use Likeness  This is just permission for your child to be caught on film in the background during the documentary filming for TLC.  A picture is required so they will be able to honor the requests of those who do not with to appear at all in any scene so they can remove you.  To make it easier, we will take care of taking everyone’s picture at practice for this.  Those who will be followed specifically for the filming will be contacted directly, so this is not related to your child’s participation in the documentary in any way.

For those going to KCU:

For any travel:

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