Today we had our final round robin.  It was very exciting, yet somewhat bitter sweet for our 2 seniors Cody and Danielle.  However, they went out with a bang!  Team 1 placed first in division 1 and brought home 4th for the whole year.  Danielle placed 4th on the test for the day and 5th for the year, Zach placed 20th for the day, and the team got 3rd in team test average.   Danielle also placed first in the quote bee!  Team 2 also did a fantastic job with Patrick getting 2nd on the test for the day and 4th for the year, Scottie finishing 9th for the day, and Noah finishing 18th for the day and tied for 4th in the quote bee.  Team 2 tied for 4th place in games and got 1st place in team test average!  Team 3 members were Kings for the day (had to be there!), and Team 4 members put forth a great effort in Division 2 this month.

We’re so proud of our players!!

We had a great time at Ernesto’s watching the Derby on a 2 big screens and a big projector!

Monday is the deadline for fees and forms.  Please send them with your child to practice and I’ll come around to each team’s room and pick them up.

Even though you can view it on the calendar, we’re going to give each player a schedule for Study Camps on Monday.  The Saturday study camps are optional for teams 3 and 4.  If those players would like to show up and study even for a little bit, we’d love to have them!  It’d be a good opportunity to see how the more experienced players prepare for Nationals.

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