It’s amazing how time flies, this coming Monday is our last practice before round robin.  If your player(s) will not be at practice on Monday don’t forget to contact your coach and let them know.  If your player(s) will not be at round robin please let your coach know and email us at so we don’t plan unneeded transportation.

On Oct 3rd from 7-8pm we’re going to have an Ice Cream Social for all of the middle schoolers at the Beginner Bowl practice in the six plex.  Please be there by 6:45 so we’re ready to go at 7.  It’ll be a great, fun time to play some games and interact with the text in a unique way.  It’s our hope through this event that the Beginner Bowlers will get a chance to meet some Bible Bowlers and see how much fun we have so that when they’re in 6th grade and ready to graduate to “Big Bowl” it’s an easier, less intimidating transition for them.

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